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Introduction to Faith is Not a Feeling


Introduction to Faith Is Not A Feeling

"What would you do if you only had a year to live?" Paul Eshleman asked a group of us in a staff meeting. I thought, I would try to put into print some of the things that I have been speaking on because they seem to be ministering so powerfully in people's lives.

Soon after that, Judy Downs Douglass, then with Campus Crusade's publications department and now wife of the president of Campus Crusade, told me, "Ney, we are interested in your writing a book based on the content of your messages."

Then Sharon Fischer, also in our publications department, commented to a mutual friend, "I've heard some of Ney's tapes. The things she is speaking on cross the lines of male, female, single, married. They apply to all of us. If she ever writes a book, I'd really like to work with her on it."

And so the Lord began to put this book together. In the nearly twenty-five years since this book was first published, I have marveled as God has sent these words out around the world. I have been delighted to see that He does indeed fashion our hearts alike and that the biblical principles within these pages are timeless and universal in application.

Feelings are a part of each of us. They can be either friend or foe, depending on how we utilize them. Come with me now as I share with you some of the struggles and trails I've had in learning how to harness and channel my feelings. Come with me as I share how I've learned to use them as an avenue to take me to God's Word.

Thousands of people who have heard the words on the following pages have come to me, called me, or written me to say that their lives will never be the same after hearing these truths. As you read this book, I pray that you will be encouraged and challenged that God will strike fire in your heart, and that your life will be changed because you can say, "Now I understand what it means to walk by faith. I understand that faith is not a feeling but a choice to take God at His word."


Ney Bailey