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What people say

What people say about Faith Is Not A Feeling

  • "This is a very personal interesting, and fast-moving book. It combines tragedy, humor, and drama in a way that holds the reader's interest. First published in 1979, Faith Is Not a Feeling has consistently been in print and is now a classic. I predict that you will want to read and reread this book and recommend it to others. I highly commend it to you."

Campus Crusade for Christ International

  • "I was pleased recently to discover that Ney's classic book Faith Is Not a Feeling has been re-released to impact another generation of men and women. In addition to Ney's powerful content, a 12-week Bible study has been added to the book to help you put this authentic faith into practice. I am certain you will be stimulated and encouraged by Ney's challenge to take God at His Word."


  • "We speak with our hearts and with our minds when we say that Faith Is Not A Feeling should be in every believer's library. It has had a profound impact on both of us!"


  • "The title of Ney's book says it all -- Faith is not a feeling but a decision and a continuing discovery. There couldn't be a better time for this book to cross any believer's -- or would-be believer's -- path."

author of When Character Was King

  • As new staff, Faith Is Not A Feeling made truth that I knew  become practical in a life-changing way. Now, 27 years later, I still apply these truths and buy Ney's book 40 at a time, giving it to just about everyone I meet more than once."

    Associate Campus Director

    Miami University of Ohio


  • "Profound in its simplicity, Faith Is Not A Feeling is a treasure-trove of practical gems for both young Christians and those who have long traveled the 'by faith' path."

    speaker and author


  • "'Get Ney' is a phrase we often use when we need help in matters of faith. I know of no one whose life more exemplifies living by faith than Ney Bailey. This book introduces you to her, my remarkable, wonderful friend."

    author and speaker


  • For over twenty-five years my dear friend Ney Bailey has provided words of comfort for my periodically frayed emotions. If you can't 'Get Ney', get this book. You will be gently reminded that faith is rooted in God's unchangeable Word, not in changeable feelings."

    author and speaker


  •  "One of the greatest joys of my life is calling Ney Bailey my friend. Ney's life and words are full of wisdom, grace, and compassion and come from a heart overflowing with love for Christ our Savior. This book is a solid apologetic for a faith based on rock, not sand. I highly commend it to you."

    speaker and author