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Readers' Response

Comments from Readers of Faith is Not a Feeling

  • “I know you wrote the book, but the whole time I was reading it, it was God Who was speaking to me.” --Jane

  • “Your book saved my life.” --Jeanne

  • “I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.” --Jerry

  • “Walking in faith has always been a struggle for me simply because my feelings always get in the way.  He used your book to show me that His Word is stronger and more reliable than any feeling.”  --George

  • "Faith is Not a Feeling was so refreshing to me…because for the past couple of years I have felt life was not worth living.” -- Linda

  • “My husband said that he saw my countenance change as I sat and read it one night.  It really spoke to me and got me back on God’s perspective.”  --Elly

  • “Your book was instrumental in my spiritual revival.”  --Betty

  • “Every chapter taught me something new or cleared up spiritual problems.”  --John

  • “I loved your book.  I laughed thru tears, and got goose bumps when your experiences hit so close to home.” --Judy

  • “I have been crippled with guilt and fear for about one year….I was relying on my feelings to affirm my relationship with Christ.  When I let Him down, I felt forsaken by Him and I kept getting worse.  You showed me not to put my trust in my feelings but in God and His Word.”  --David

  • “When I finished reading Faith is Not a Feeling, I felt like Jonah when he came out of the whale!  All clean from the digestive process in the “whale of a book.” Jonah looked different and was different.  When I finished your book I felt all clean, washed and glowing and I, too, was walking much closer to my Lord.”  --Jeanette


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